March 2020

Volume 4

In this Issue

  1. Editor's Message
  2. Eight Estate-Planning Tips
  3. GDPR Enforcement
  4. Leverage Cloud Technology
  5. ACA Ruling Impacts Employers
  6. Improve Your Interview Process
  7. Cyber Security Strategy
  8. Robotics Process Automation



Editor's Message 

Good Night, and Good Luck

By Elyssa A. Goldstein, CLM, PHR, SHRM-CP

In a time where so much has changed, and will continue to change, in the world around us, the NJALA is changing, as well.  This edition marks the last edition of the Jer-Z-Journal for the indefinite future and, perhaps, forever.

No longer having the capacity to serve as editor (and being unable to secure a successor), I bid a fond farewell to a role I cherished for the past three years.  I suspect some void will be felt without the newsletter in my life, but I know it is right to step aside and embrace new opportunities.

In the smallest of ways, this change in routine mirrors the large-scale change in routine many of us in New Jersey (and around the world) are currently experiencing. 

Things familiar have been disrupted.  The comforts we once cherished may no longer be readily available.  I cannot pretend to know the ultimate outcome, but I can tell you that change is hard, no matter...  READ MORE 


Eight Key Estate-Planning Tips You Can Take to the Bank

By Joy Matak and Rocco Marotti

There is no time like the present to get your finances and your estate in shape.  The federal exemption from estate taxes has never been higher, and income taxes are relatively low.  Here are eight estate-planning tips you can take to the bank...  READ MORE


GDPR Enforcement: How to Stay Out of Trouble

By John C. Montaña, J.D., FIIM, FAI, VP, Information Governance Solutions 

The European Union General Data Protection Regulation (EU GDPR) is about two years old, and we’re beginning to understand how it works.  So far, it’s a cautionary tale for every business with an EU presence—and, as other countries...  READ MORE

Leverage Cloud Technology for Advanced Business Continuity

By SurePoint Technologies

Now, more than ever, businesses are relying on strong continuity plans to keep their organization operational.  The legal market is no exception.

Hundreds of law firms across the country have transitioned to working remotely...  READ MORE

How the Latest ACA Ruling Impacts Employers

By C. Christopher Parto

The 5th U.S. Circuit Court of Appeals ruled that the Affordable Care Act’s (ACA) individual mandate was unconstitutional on December 18, 2019, leaving employers and employees feeling a little uncertain and confused about what they needed to do to remain compliant, as well as what would happen...  READ MORE

Getting Ghosted by Candidates?  Here's How to Improve Your Interview Process

By Micki Mersky

You’ve started the interview process, and to your excitement, you’ve found the perfect candidate!  The only problem?  The candidate isn’t returning your telephone calls or e-mails.  In other words, you’ve just been ghosted.

 While ghosting is a term more commonly associated with relationships, it is happening more frequently during the interview process.  Law firms are experiencing radio silence from promising...  READ MORE

Employee Education is Key to a Law Firm's Cyber Security Strategy

By Keith S. Crumpton, vCISO/Senior Security Analyst

Today’s threat landscape, more than ever, is beyond the technical control of the law firm.  The human element, employees, represents an organization’s greatest weakness in the information security arsenal; yet they are also a law firm’s greatest defense...  READ MORE

Transforming the Law Firm Workforce with Robotics Process Automation

By Greg Fritsky and Amanda Ammerman

The demand for legal finance and administrative professionals has never been stronger, and the costs of attracting, training and retaining these highly sought-after individuals continues...  READ MORE