June 2019

Volume 1

In this Issue

  1. President's Message
  2. Escrow and Trust Accounts
  3. Stationary Trends
  4. Retirement Planning
  5. International Process Service
  6. New Jersey's New Minimum Wage


 President's Message 

Raising Kids and Joining a Board of Trustees: Common Ground

By Elli Albert

NJALA members say to me all the time, “Oh, I could never be president of NJALA.”  My response to them is always the same.  “Trust me, if I can do it, so can you!”

I often equate being president of a board of trustees to having children.  When I was expecting my first child, all I could think about was how I would ever be able to deal with a teenager!  I slowly realized something important.  Babies come out as infants, not as teenagers.  Raising a child is a cumulative process.  You learn things every day... READ MORE

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Tuesday, September 24, 2019
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How to Bank Smarter with Escrow and Trust Accounts

By Monte Ehrenkranz

As a law firm, you have a variety of options available to you for the temporary holding of funds.  These options include escrow and client trust accounts.  In an escrow account, funds are deposited on behalf of the client in relation to business acquisitions or real estate transactions.  Then the funds are released as transactions dictate upon completion.  In a client trust account, client funds are held... READ MORE


Stationary Trends to Follow

By Anne Itri 

It’s true.  Stationery and printed materials have declined.  However, print is still very much alive.  Shouldn’t your remaining printed materials differentiate and leave a strong impression?  If you agree, below are some of the trends in the industry that are making a big impact.

Trend 1 – Bright, Ultra White Paper Stock

The first and most tangible part of a stationery suite is the paper.  The paper... READ MORE

Retirement Planning for Law Professionals

By ABA Retirement Funds

Here’s a big word for you from the world of behavioral finance—hyperbolic discounting.  Hyperbolic discounting is a time-inconsistent model of discounting.  Ok, that didn’t help much.  Think of it this way—humans tend to value short-term rewards over longer-term rewards, even when, mathematically, the rewards are worth... READ MORE

What Office Administrators Need to Know About International Process Service

By Jerry Colasurdo

International service of process is one of the less common tasks attorneys need to oversee, but you can be a valuable resource for your staff if you know how the process works and have an idea of what they can expect.  From extended timelines to increased costs to nuanced rules, serving someone internationally is ... READ MORE

New Jersey's New $15.00 Per Hour Minimum Wage: What Businesses Need to Know

By Andy Surtz

New Jersey’s governor, Phil Murphy, promised during his campaign, that he would raise the minimum wage in New Jersey.  As of February 2, 2019, this promise became a reality.  Governor Murphy signed a new law that would slowly raise the minimum wage for most hourly employees by the year 2024.  This bill will effectively raise the current minimum wage... READ MORE