February 2019

Volume 7

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  4. Smart Change
  5. Mail Fraud Tips
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President's Message

 By Mary Beth Donoghue

As I sit down to write this month’s message, Punxsutawney Phil has left his burrow to look for his shadow for the 133rd time and predicted an early spring.  A little more than one week later, the NJALA decided to cancel the February monthly meeting due to inclement weather!  It is a decision the board does not take lightly, as there are many components involved with cancelling our monthly meetings, including working with our venue, notifying our membership and business partners and, most importantly, working with our planned speaker about possibly re-scheduling the program.  Daniel Sean Kaye’s scheduled February presentation, “A Delicate but Crucial Conversation: Talking About Depression and Suicide in the Workplace”, looked to be a relevant and well-attended... READ MORE

Don't miss our next meeting at a NEW location!

Tuesday, March 12, 2019
Bridgewater Marriott, Bridgewater, New Jersey

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Four Recruitment Strategies to Help Law Firms Succeed in a Candidate-Driven Market

By Micki Mersky

Today’s job market is the most competitive in a generation.  In this climate, providing a positive candidate experience is critical to attracting and hiring the best talent available.  However, many law firms are struggling to deliver without the right recruitment strategies.  A great candidate experience, from job posting to offer, does not only create excitement for one great candidate; it can also lead to higher quality applicants, more hires and new referrals.

As a result, it becomes clear how much the hiring process matters in providing a great first impression to new hires.  For employers who want to gain an edge on their competition, consider the following.. READ MORE


Quality Maintenance Matters

By Gabriella Colasacco Hermey 

Material selection and cleaning methodologies for floor surfaces have experienced many different trends over the years, but one truth always remains: quality matters.  Quality relationships, quality materials and quality maintenance contribute to a healthy bottom line and a healthy... READ MORE

Smart Change Starts Here

Tip Sheet: Five Solution Features to Consider

By Canon Solutions America, Inc.

                          Prioritize Document Control and Security

A law firm IT administrator needs to wear a lot of hats to be successful.  Network maintenance, third-party vendor management and data security are just a few of the administrator’s responsibilities.

Data security is a common top priority due to the volume and nature of information that is handled during legal review.  A workflow solution designed for document control and security can help law firms limit access to private client data without adding a lot of work to overwhelmed IT teams.

Choosing the right solution for your law firm... READ MORE

Mail Fraud Tips

By Peapack-Gladstone Bank

In light of recent check thefts from mailboxes, the following are local law enforcement tips to avoid mail theft:

Bank online: Refrain from mailing checks, cash, gift cards or other negotiable items if possible.  Use online banking instead.

- Use a gel pen: If you must send a check in the mail, use a gel pen to write out checks.   Ballpoint pen ink can be easily washed off... READ MORE

5 Questions with...Bernie Merer

By Cathy Aveta

CA: What’s one thing you couldn’t live without?

BM: Miss Trudy, my wife.  We’ve been a team for over 50... READ MORE