December 2019

Volume 3

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  1. Editor's Message
  2. Legal Technology Consultant
  3. What is a Cloud Content Platform?
  4. Attracting the Right Talent
  5. 3i Pure Water Technology



Editor's Message 

Up for the Challenge

By Elyssa A. Goldstein, CLM, PHR, SHRM-CP

It is hard to believe that almost three years have passed since I was named editor of the Jer-Z-Journal.  The position was not one that I actively sought; rather former co-editors, Robbin Dolan and Doreen Marino, identified me as their successor and assured me that I was “up for the challenge”.            

And it has been a challenge.  

During my tenure, distribution of the Jer-Z-Journal was decreased from bi-monthly to quarterly, as one by one, members dropped off the editorial committee and less article and ad submissions were received. 

Nevertheless, I remained committed to my role, and strived to deliver electronic editions with comparable levels of quality to their hard-print predecessors. 

Unfortunately, I now find myself at a crossroads.  I have changed law firms and job titles/responsibilities since I was named editor, taken on increasing and additional...  READ MORE

Five Things to Consider When Hiring a Legal Technology Consultant

By Stew Smith, CISM

Law firms are dependent on technology to keep things running smoothly.  Securing confidential client data, improving workflow while minimizing downtime, implementing the best-suited software solutions—all these things require a solid technology consultant who...  READ MORE


What is a Cloud Content Platform?

By GRM Information Management 

Forrester, a technology research and advisory firm, recently published The Forrester New Wave™: Cloud Content Platforms – Multitenant SaaS, Q3 2019 report.  The report identified and assessed the thirteen most significant cloud content platforms, evaluating each based on ten key criteria related to their current offering, overall...  READ MORE

Attracting the Right Talent with Better Rewards Designed for a Better Employee Experience

By Kevin Talbot

Attracting top talent and enhancing organizational wellbeing are interconnected—advancing one goal moves the other forward.  That’s because a well-earned reputation for a great workplace culture, anchored by competitive compensation and benefits, draws job candidates who strengthen wellbeing.  They’re motivated by...  READ MORE

3i Pure Water TechnologySimplifying Your Water Drinking Needs 

By Jason Scaringi

At first glance, the 3i Pure Water Technology is a futuristic looking machine with different buttons, lights and screens.  It looks like something straight out of a science fiction movie or television show.  Humorously, I often joke with clients that this type of machine is self-aware and can talk back.  All jokes aside, the 3i Pure Water Technology is not as complicated at it may seem.  In fact, it facilitates...  READ MORE